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The Ides of March brought a meaningful change for the registered representative community – the launch of the Maintaining Qualifications Program, or MQP.  As FINRA announced in Regulatory Notice 21-41, under the changes to Rule 1240(c), those who terminate any representative or principal registration category on or after March 15 may elect to enter the MQP and have up to five years to reregister without having to requalify by exam or obtain an examination waiver. Prior to these changes, an individual had up to two years. While I would not characterize the examination waiver process as being adversarial – I have helped several individuals obtain waivers – FINRA has made a positive step in accommodating the registered community, especially in these changing times.

There are a couple of important caveats. First, this does not apply to the state-level registrations, the Series 63, 65 or 66. These have not been eligible for the current waiver process and are not subject to the MQP. Second, registered individuals must meet certain conditions, including election to enter the MQP within two years of termination and completion of continuing education (CE) each year through his or her FINRA FinPro account.

In conjunction with the Maintaining Qualifications Program, FINRA announced other changes to its CE program. . .

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