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An Ode to Curly and Work-Life Balance, Part 1: Food

In a previous post, I noted that the one thing that I need to maintain – Curly’s finger, if you will – is balance.  I need to have balance between managing my practice, being a good husband, father, friend, etc. and taking care of my spirit, mind and body.  A huge component of this is food.

To be clear, I am not referring to eating food for the sake of filling my belly.  (I confess, though, that many of my favorite memories center around a terrific meal.)  Rather, I mean preparing food for the sake of filling my spirit.  If you go to my biography page, you will read that my alternate career path would be a pit master.  A main reason is that turning humble cuts of meat into something special – especially for people I care about – is incredibly fulfilling.  Not necessarily for the results (although I will not so humbly put my pulled pork and ribs against anyone’s), but for the process.  As a securities lawyer, I live in a world of statutes, rules and interpretative guidance.  And lots of them.  Guiding clear and thoughtful advice to my clients requires, among other things, paying careful attention to all of these authorities.

However, at the pit (or the grill), I do not always have to color within the lines.  So, what are my favorite crayons?

Recipes / Inspiration

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