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An Ode to Curly and Work-Life Balance, Part 4: Equipment

I think that we can all agree that work-life balance – whatever that means to you – is critical.  Just consider the events of the past few years.  (And, no Nationals’ fans, I am not talking about the Juan Soto trade.)  I have offered my views on the roles that foodfitness, and service have played in forming my ideal of work-life balance.  Now, a few thoughts on equipment.

Yes, equipment.

Ask yourself how many hours of each day you spend at your office or, if you practice in a virtual law firm, your home workstation.  A lot, right?  Isn’t all of that time better spent under ideal conditions?  I was skeptical of that proposition until I had the opportunity a few summers back to cook on Peaks Island in Maine’s Casco Bay with this setup.

Yeah, those were some great cooks . . .

While my workstation certainly isn’t going to remind anyone of the Casco Bay, I would like to think that it has a positive impact on my day.  And the quality of my work for my clients.  My tips:

  • Stand!  While I am not convinced that sitting is the new smoking, I agree that spending long periods in a chair cannot be good for you.  Make sure that you get some leg work in by using a standing desk.  I liked the VariDesk Standing Desk Converter so much at a previous employer that I bought an additional one for my home.  I would get one as big as your workspace can accommodate, but nothing smaller than the 30-inch model.
  • And when you stand, make sure that you are on a comfortable surface.  The CubeFit mat was recommended by a speaker at the 2022 Virginia State Bar TechShow.  I can recommend it as well – especially if your space has hard floors.
  • But when you do sit, use a chair that offers plenty of support.  I recommend this TemperPedic number.
  • Get a large external monitor (or maybe two) to increase your digital desktop.  I chose this 32” LG UltraGear Monitor.
  • And finally, as video conferencing via laptop is here to stay, good lighting is a must.  This Logitech LED light is a good investment.

Fill your life with beauty – and the beautiful can be found in the mundane.

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Thank you for reading this article.  Please know that I wrote it for informational purposes only (some may consider it ADVERTISING MATERIAL) and did not intend for it to be legal advice or to form an attorney-client relationship with you – especially in jurisdictions where I am not licensed to practice law.  I encourage you to seek your own counsel to help you with your specific situation.  To that end, I invite you to contact me if you would like to discuss my services.

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